So much happening with framing and creative events we are bursting at the seems

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Hi there Gallery friends, family and followers

Welcome to another blog by Sunset Gallery & Framing as always we welcome you into our creative space with open doors and open hearts. Speaking of doors ours are open different times now, as of today we are extending our hours to 8.30am till 5pm to make it more convenient for you all to make it in outside of work hours to pick up your custom framed treasures, we welcome your feedback on these hours because we want them to work for you.

Well it's coming up to the end of the financial year and we have so many exciting events on, such as exhibitions, workshops, social nights and the list goes on.

The current exhibition is by Robyn Jackson titled The Life Of An Artist

Robyn is a Mid North Coast artist and this will be her fifth solo exhibition of original paintings.

"My theme for this exhibition explores my life as an artist. My everyday life is documented through art. My art diary enables me to cobble together my thoughts on my art practice. Painting is like breathing to me. I need to document the experiences around me through my connection with the landscape and what inspires me."

Robyn’s favourite medium is painting on silk. “I usually start with a photo that has beautiful lines and design and then the colours flow with a story of their own. Many works use vibrant dyes on silk because these mediums make my heart sing. “ 

Robyn will be at the gallery every day from 10 am to 3 pm so you can meet and talk to her. She also plans to demonstrate painting on silk, this is such an amazing opportunity to be able to watch an artist at work and to watch the process and technique that is used to create beautiful art .

If you would like to get an idea of what Robyns style of art looks like click "here" to go to her website.


Our next workshop is by long time local and creative workshop facilitator Robyn Wallace.

She will be demonstrating the following print techniques .

1. Wood carving on paper fabric or card. (stamp)

  1. String pressure pull print.

  2. Riso line drawing silk screen ( onto paper, fabric, resin.

  3. Paper bag cut with silk screen. (Shells).

  4. Moving screen, layered prints , multi coloured prints.

    Some screens will be ready to try using the will be the opportunity for participant to make their own designs and screens, how much fun does that sound?

    All equipment and paint supplied to sign up to this event (there is only a few more days to be able to do this) click "here" .


Now as it always goes at the end of financial year we have to do stocktake and that's not exciting, not at all, nope not even a little bit and to add to that we have so many other interesting things to do the events that I mentioned earlier and also family life. As some of you know we have 5 kids between us and we are always talking on the phone with them, helping them with homework, taking them to their activities and socialising events as you do as a parent, it's a busy life so who wants to do any more stock take then what is needed …... not us!

So we have devised a plan we are going to have a complete sale on all current stock, now that's going to help us because if make amazing custom frames for all our vip clients (thats you) well then we won't have to count it all and it's going to help you by you getting to get a great deal on a archival quality frame that will get your treasured items out of the draw or off the the top shelf in the bedroom.


Have you been following the live videos on Facebook of a Tuesday? Scott has been going through the process of custom framing, from the beginning stage of selecting a frame style, glass to how its put together out the back in the building stage. As you know we make all the frames on site by hand giving our framing clients a truly individual custom design.

If you missed the first live session here it is,

 This gives a lot information on what is the right framing choice and why, its well worth having a look, and we think Scott is doing a fantastic job of being thrown into the wide world of the web live. If you think he is doing a great job be sure to comment.

On another note but relating to both family and work, our family would like to thank your family for supporting our small business, it's only through your support that we can support local charities and therefore for our local community. Sunset Gallery and framing have been supporting and have been supported by our local community for over 40 years now and that is only possible due to local support. So again we thank you and we thank all those who have supported us before you because we are only here because of you.

Just to let you know what one of our current local community causes we are sponsoring is please click this "link" .
It is the Hastings Cancer Trusts major fundraising event the Glimmer Ball, so thank you for your support that enables us to support this very worthy cause, we have both been effected by cancer within our immediate and extended family so this one is a cause very close to home.


On that note, its a wrap so we can get to some of those small people we mentioned earlier.

Until next time, we wish you and yours all the best
Scott and Cherie


Love the post, loads of ideas and art, whilst supporting our local artists.

And yes, I will be in to take up your offer of framing this month.
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