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Polar  Beric Henderson – Port Macquarie Artist

Polar Beric Henderson – Port Macquarie Artist


Beric Henderson – Port Macquarie Artist

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With a background in both art and science, including a PhD in biology from the University of Sydney, Beric's creative journey is as diverse as it is inspiring. His art delves into the intricate interplay between physical and philosophical aspects of creation, inviting viewers to ponder our connection with nature and the oceans.
Beric's preferred mediums of painting and drawing serve as vehicles for his exploration of environmental themes, particularly the profound impact of climate change on our planet. His thought-provoking artwork has been featured in over 80 exhibitions across Australia, South Korea, Venice, and Switzerland since 2003, showcasing his talent on a global stage.

As champions of local arts, we're proud to support Beric Henderson's artistic endeavors and showcase his remarkable talent to our community. His artwork, which can be found in various collections including the New Norcia Museum and the Figure1A Science Art Collection, and of course on our walls ready for you to view or purchase.