Experience a few hours of calm, grounded connection to yourself & your surrounds using the medium of photography with local and long time practiser of mindful photography Cherie Morton, all while enjoying some of the amazing natural locations that the Greater Port Macquarie area has to offer with a light serving of refreshments sourced from local food outlets.
What is mindful photography
Mindful photography is the practice of mindfulness applied to the medium of photography. It’s the skill of actually seeing the world around you, looking and being in a different way and exploring what is around us with a camera.
For me the art of mindful photography was about being at peace, finding a way to be in a world that is so big and full in a way that feels calm and in the moment. For you it may be about slowing down, or reconnecting to yourself or maybe it’s a way to skill build in your photography journey.
No you don’t need a fancy DSLR, in fact you don’t need a DSLR at all, you can use your phone camera if that is what you have, the practice is the same. There is no judgement or complicated talk of camera gear or photo techniques – that’s a different class.
What does the class picture look like!
The session is 2.5 hours of calm creativity and learning set in nature.
The basic composition is broken down into thirds to give a balanced feel of the session.
1. An introduction to class facilitator Cherie and mindfulness through photography.
2. You will be walked through the steps from start to finish verbally and with a handout, then there will be time to practice the method of mindful photography with guidance and support from long time mindful photography expert Cherie.
3. We will re-group and re-connect over light refreshments.
If you have any questions before taking the next step to grounded calm with a twist of creativity then please feel free to call or txt Cherie on 0403681669.
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