Discover a unique service at the heart of local art gallery and picture framing establishment, Sunset Framing & Gallery. We proudly offer a specialized photo scanning service, dedicated to preserving your cherished memories for future generations. Beyond safeguarding family legacies, these photographs serve as invaluable records of our ever-evolving society, capturing the essence of local life and the dynamic growth of our community. Our in-house photographer and gallery manager, with a career spanning back to the late 80s, brings an unrivaled level of expertise, respect, and professionalism to the process of scanning aged and precious photos and memorabilia. Not only is she a guardian of your treasured memories, but she also has a delightful hobby – collecting captivating images that reflect the spirit of Port Macquarie and its enchanting hinterland villages and townships. At Sunset Framing & Gallery, we marry professional excellence with a touch of fun, ensuring your visual history remains alive and well, resonating with the rhythm of our vibrant locale.
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