Step into the world of art and nostalgia at Sunset Framing & Gallery, where we offer a remarkable service in the delicate art of restoring old and damaged photographs. We understand the intrinsic value of preserving these images, not just as a cherished family record but also as a historical snapshot of society and lifestyle. Our in-house photographer and gallery manager, Cherie, with a wealth of experience dating back to the late 80s, approaches this task with utmost respect and professionalism. She has a passion for breathing new life into treasured photos, restoring them to their former glory, or as close as possible. Cherie begins with a meticulous assessment, followed by an obligation-free quote, ensuring transparency with no hidden charges or surprises. The finished work is then presented to you in two file formats, one for printing and another for easy sharing online or via email, so that the joy of the restored photo can be shared with the whole family. At Sunset Framing & Gallery, we take preserving memories seriously, all while keeping our well know vibe and positive experience at the forefront also.
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