Sunset Framing & Gallery: Where Frames Find New Life
For almost five decades, Sunset Framing & Gallery has been the trusted name on the Mid North Coast, serving as the go-to destination for all your framing needs. We're excited to introduce a service that perfectly aligns with our dedication to preserving memories and reducing waste: frame repair. Frames, like life, may sometimes take a tumble, weather the storm, or simply show their age. But why toss out that beautiful frame, rich with sentimental value, when we can breathe new life into it?
Our frame repair service is more than just a sustainable practice; it's a commitment to the stories etched into each frame. Whether it's an unfortunate accident, the capricious weather's toll, or the gentle patina of time, our team of skilled artisans is here to restore your frames to their former glory. But here's the fun twist: we don't stop at mere repairs. If the frame is beyond saving, we'll happily help you repurpose and create something entirely new, ensuring the cherished elements of your old frame are not lost.
What makes this service even better is its availability right here at our Central Road gallery. No need for a prior appointment – simply drop in with your frame, and we'll provide an obligation-free quote. Our team is eager to put their expertise to work, breathing life back into your beloved frames and preserving your cherished memories. At Sunset Framing & Gallery, we've been crafting stories since 1975, and now, we're adding a new chapter with our frame repair and repurposing service. Come share your stories with us and let us frame them in style.
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