🎨 Exciting News from Sunset Framing & Gallery! 🎨
We are thrilled to welcome the incredible artist Mel to our creative space for her highly anticipated Playful Painting Workshop! 🌟
Have you ever felt a spark of creativity but hesitated to unleash your inner artist? Or maybe you've tried painting before but lacked the confidence to truly express yourself on canvas. Mel understands these challenges and has crafted the Playful Painting Workshop to provide a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment for aspiring artists like you.
Join us for a weekend filled with fun and creativity as we splash, drip, spray, scrape, stencil, and screen print our way to artistic discovery. This workshop is perfect for beginners and anyone looking to infuse their work with more life and spontaneity. You'll be amazed at the talents you uncover within yourself!
Each participant will have their own large canvas to work on, exploring colors and techniques in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Bring a friend and double the fun! All quality materials, including paints, canvases, brushes, stencils, and silk screens, will be provided. Just bring a few household items (details to be provided).
Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock your creative potential and ignite your passion for painting.

Please note, there is a materials fee of $60 payable on the day, covering a large 90x60 cm stretched canvas, premium acrylic paints, and the use of all necessary tools. If you'd prefer to bring your own materials, contact Mel at 0418463981 for a list of what you'll need.
We can't wait to see you paint with Mel! 🌈
Warm regards, The Sunset Framing & Gallery Team
Playful Painting Art Weekend