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Sunset Framing & Gallery on Central Rd, Port Macquarie

Sunset Framing & Gallery on Central Rd, Port Macquarie

At Sunset, we're not just about framing pictures; we're all about framing a vibrant and connected community! Picture this: a retro haven where creativity meets camaraderie, and every snapshot tells a tale of artistic passion.
🎨 Supporting the Creative Vibe: Step into our art space, where imagination knows no bounds! We're the heartbeat of a lively creative community, providing a canvas for local talent to flourish and connections to bloom. Whether you're an artist seeking a spotlight or an art enthusiast seeking inspiration, our walls echo the vibrancy of our community's artistic spirit.
💼 Boosting Local Biz, One Frame at a Time: We're not just framing local art; we're framing a stronger local economy! Sunset is proud to support local businesses, using our frames to spotlight their craftsmanship. Because when local businesses thrive, our entire community shines brighter.
🌐 Community Roots Since '75: We've been weaving into the fabric of this community since the disco days! From bell bottoms to Bluetooth, we've been your go-to for framing through it all. Our journey is your journey, and every frame we craft tells a story of decades-long community collaboration.
🤝 It's a Two-Way Street: Just like a perfectly balanced frame, community support is a reciprocal art. Your support fuels our frames, and in return, we're fueling community dreams. Sponsorships, donations, and creative spaces - we're giving back to the community that has embraced us for decades.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family-Owned, Community-Driven: Sunset is more than a business; we're a family, and our community is an extension of that family. Your memories, your milestones, they're all part of our shared narrative. Because in our world, your community is our community, and every frame is a chapter in our story together.
So, step into Sunset Framing and Gallery - where every frame is a piece of community art, and every visit is a journey through the colorful tapestry of our shared history. 🌈🖼️