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Do You Value The Art You Purchase Or The Art You Create!

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Do You Value The Art You Purchase Or The Art You Create!


We hear many artists being asked the question “how long did that take you to do” or “they were in the right place at the right time” in reference to a photographers image.

Artwork by Kiata MasonSet into a boxed frame with artwork floated on acid free matt board.


So on average it might take an artist 12 hours to paint a piece of artwork and a photographer maybe 30 minuets to set up and take a photograph!

Photo by Cherie MortonSupermoon at Towns Beach

And a frame is just bits of wood glued together right!

Roosters Jersey FramedTriple frame, box set up

Custom Picture Framing Port MacquarieCustom Picture Framing Port Macquarie





An artist will take years, sometimes their entire working life to perfect their style, their technique and their process, it may have taken them just hours to physically create a piece of artwork but to get that one piece out it has taken years of perfecting and working, studying, sweat and tears before they even put paint to canvas for that particular piece.


Same can be said for photographers, they didnt just buy an expensive camera and then get lucky in a good spot with nice light. It has taken them years of learning, years of practice, thousands of bad photographs perfecting their style and technique. Hours getting to know a location, checking tides, understanding the way the light will fall at certain times of day and seasons. Sure they might get a lucky break of spectacular light but they still need to know how to handle it, how far to push it and how to compose with it.


So given that it has taken so long to come to the visual delight that it is when you come to view a piece of art/purchase it or sell it do you think a cheap, mass produced, non acid free, ill fitting frame gives it the respect it deserves, does it give the artist/photographer or investor

the respect they deserve?


Of course not, if you purchase an artwork in a frame that is anything less then acid free and archival quality then you need to question the integrity of the artist, do they just want to make a sale with maximum profit with no care given to the longevity of the artwork or the client who is making the long term investment. If you purchase an original artwork with the intention of having it hanging on your wall for years then it needs to be in a quality frame that is not only going to last years but is also not going to start eating away at the artwork, slowly releasing acid into the paper or base of the artwork.


A custom frame is meticulously measured to fit its contents perfectly, it is hand cut, glued and pinned together to form a strong vessel of security for its contents, the glass is custom cut to fit the frame, the acid free matt board is perfectly measured, hand cut and selected to be the happy medium ground between the frame and its glorious contents. All the products used to build this wonderful, strong, long lasting frame are professional framing products and most definitely not gaffa tape and cardboard from the local newsagents or stationary store.

Integrity In Custom Framing

Even some framers will use products that are cheaper to purchase and sacrifice quality to be able to do a cheaper version of a custom frame. This is sacrificing quality integrity, its sacrificing credibility and gives those of us that will not budge from our code of conduct as professional framers a harder time because those who get the lesser quality custom frame end up with a product that resembles something similar to the mass produced chain store frames then they dont see the value in custom framing and then often end up framing their art in chain store mass produced frames.


Each quality made custom frame is in essence a piece of framing art, each one is an individual, sometimes inspired by another or similar in feel, but each custom set up is made to fit a specific need, a look, a desire, it is framing art and its framed art.



Gwen Fox talks Integrity and Art in her blog, below is a snippet from what she writes to see the whole article click on the link under the snippet.


What does integrity mean to you?  Does integrity mean something different in your art than with yourself?

Integrity as a concept has to do with perceived consistency of our actions, values, methods, principles, expectations and outcome .

Integrity means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change.

Integrity means to complete what you say.

Integrity means you stick to your personal code of conduct….what you have decided  is right or wrong.

Integrity means honoring yourself.  It doesn’t mean you have to “feel” like doing the job or even like the job… means you do the job because you gave your word.

Saying and doing are two totally different things…..integrity is doing what you promised.

Integrity is a skill….it is developed over time.  It is developed with experience and observation.

Integrity must be maintained.

Integrity gives us a foundation from which to draw on for future projects.  We automatically know our strength because we have proven it to ourselves  (this one is really important)

Integrity is our secret back up system.”

Gwen Fox Blog


On a different note but to do with one of our core values - community

We have been supporting the creative arts community for over 30 years, we do this by offering our exhibition space and creative space for local artists and creatives to showcase their art, this is done at a minimal cost to give them every chance to have a platform to make connections to the wider community.

These exhibitions are free to enter and are open to the public to view and enjoy at leisure, giving our general community every opportunity for cultural growth and cultural experience regardless of their financial position.


We have been on the ground level of the Artwalk event since its conception, we are proud to be a part of its growth and part of the event itself, again this opens up the opportunity for our local artists and creatives to connect with the wider community.


We like to ensure our creative and exhibition space is promoted though all our social media and web based data bases because we believe that Great Port Macquarie has a large pool of creative talent in it and we are working towards raising its profile as a creative arts tourism destination.


We support a number of large events like the up coming Glimmer Ball for Hastings Cancer Trust, we donate frames and products to be auctioned and given to sponsors. We also do regular framing for other fundraisers at cost so they can have quality framed sporting memorabilia to auction off. We again do at cost printing and framing for groups like surf clubs and marine rescue for certificate framing as part of what they offer to long term members and sponsor.


We also open up our creative space to community groups to hold events in, such as The Nannas Of The Lost Art group that meets once a fortnight, this is free space for them and it is all about building connections between generations through the art of tradition handcrafts like knitting, thread work and so on. We have donated our space to community collaborative events such as the Drawn From Here Project that is about inspiration and connection that will have a finale exhibition giving everyday crafty people an opportunity to be a part of an exhibition that is open to the public, giving them a sense of being a part of something special, something bigger then the everyday, this same opportunity is being taken up by local high schools, giving art students an experience of being in an exhibition and their families the chance to support them at a public event.


We also started an online photography community that has seen the growth of local landscape photographers boom, this has highlighted the Greater Port Macquarie area as a hotspot for traveling photographers and social media influencers.


We have always and will always support our creative community, it has always be a major business belief for us, it is our way of thanking the community for supporting our family business.

Margaret and Cherie had a little chat a few weeks ago about a variety of things to do with Margaret and Sunset Gallery and the history of both in the arts community.

If you would like to view the whole chat click here we adore Margaret as does everyone who has ever had the pleasure of having her design a framing solution for them or even those who have just popped in to have look around and chat.

Thank you so much for being part of the gallery family, we hope you enjoyed our passion that has been expressed in this months blog, and we hope to see you at one of our July events, we have listed them below with links to the social media events for your ease of navigation.


From our family to yours, thank you for your support:

Scott, Cherie and the juniors ~ Jackson, Samantha, Sienna, Danny and Alex 


Whats coming up for July


Handcrafts with the Nannas Of The Lost Art

6th of July 10am till 12pm

Click here for event details

Tatyi Djiyagan (Sister - Sister)

Elements Dreaming Exhibition ~ free entry

7th of July till 15th of July

click here for event details


Teen Creativity Workshop

Making Dream Cards

10th of July 10am till 12pm

click here for event details

Teen Creativity Workshop

Hidden pocket bookmarks

12th of July 10am till 12pm

click here for event details

Create and Connect Group ~ Free

14th of July 10am till 12pm

click here for event details

Creative Arts Workshop for teens

17th of July 10am till 12p

click here for event details

Creative Arts Workshop for teens

19th 10am till 12pm

click here for event details


Handcrafts with the Nannas Of The Lost

20th of July 10am till 12pm

click here for event details

Batik Painting Workshop ~ Bookings essential

with Kanooka Creek Art

21st of July 10am to 1.30pm

click here for event details

Create and Connect Group ~ Free

28th of July 10am till 12pm

click here for event details

Photography exhibition

by Robyn Musset and Rob Smith ~ Free entry

28th of July till 12th of August

click here for event details

Keep an eye our on our Facebook page

Sunset Framing and Gallery in the events menu

for any updates.

Creative Arts Events and Workshops at Sunset Framing and Gallery in Murray St, Port Macquarie.Creative Arts Events and Workshops at Sunset Framing and Gallery in Murray St, Port Macquarie.Our creative arts events are a beautiful combination of connection and learning, expression and invention, innovation and inspiration.
Our creative mentors and facilitators are made up of local creatives and artists, every one of them with different talents, mediums and teaching methods.
Sunset Framing and Gallery has been a major creative hub in Port Macquarie for almost 40 years, your valued to us and its important to us that you have a great time and have the opportunity to learn in a welcoming, warm and vibe filled creative space.
For details check out our Facebook page or pop in and ask us whats coming up.




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