Lets Chat With Local Artist Alycia Lipovac

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Hello friends, followers and fans Thanks for dropping by and joining us for little chat with one of our local artists who also happens to be exhibiting in the Summer Show.


Hi Alycia, lets get straight to it, when do you like to create?

First thing in the morning! If I put it off until the afternoon it just won't get done; I get too in my head about whatever it is I'm wanting to do and can't make a mark. But if I've just woken up, freshened up and had a cup of tea - let the sunshine and the breeze in - then I'll easily settle into the project in front of me.



That sounds delightful, art & tea what a combo. You have recently joined our creative arts group Creative Souls Collective which is all about connecting artists within our local community and society, do you think art has an impact on society, if yes how?

Absolutely! If there is an audience for any piece of art, they will never walk away from it with an empty mind. Art will always impart some thought or feeling, and even if it might be minor, you will be different after seeing it than if you hadn't. On a large scale, an esteemed artist exhibiting new work in a popular establishment will have a rippling impact throughout our society. It starts with all of their different artistic peers who will create more art in any number of consumable mediums, who will also inspire one another, and then the rest of the world in our daily pursuits. It just starts with one new idea!


Well said and you have raised some valid ways that art impacts art as a whole and more specifically the art world, very interesting points, thank you.  Your "newish" to the professional art world, do you find it easy or hard to navigate the professional art world?

It can be tricky when there's not really a set guidebook; everyone navigates it differently from different starting points. I think I've settled into a little rhythm now, and I'm happy with the connections I've made in our community. I think that's one of the most challenging things, putting yourself out there and meeting other creatives. 



We agree, it can be very daunting to get out of your comfort zone and meet other creatives, we tend to hide in our studios a lot. Changing the subject a little here is a question more on your art practice, before you make a mark on your canvas or paper how much time do you spend on preparing to create a piece?

I will almost always put down a basic sketch before I get the paints out, depending on the subject this could take a little or a long time. With flowers, I will tend to get quite detailed with the pencil so that I can see all of the layers and get the shape and scale of how I would like it. 

Most of the landscapes I paint will come from a reference picture I've taken myself, but other pieces will be almost a collage of pics from all different places, and that can take some time as well to see how all the pieces will fit together.

Outside of that, however, I can be a little headstrong, where once I have an idea, my only goal is the end result. I can definitely see the advantages of doing preliminary sketches and painting and I want to take a bit more time to study my subjects in future.



Thank you, that was a really open response I am sure there will be many other artists who get something from that. Tell us why do you make art?

I want to inspire people. I want just one person to see something I've created and feel something because of it. I want to make art that says something and communicates or challenges an idea, and I also want to make art that makes me happy - that looks 'pretty'.


That sounds very fair, to reach another individual with your art is a powerful form of connection, most importantly making art that makes you happy is essential for an artist, we have seen some of your art that fits the pretty and it is very uplifting and joy filled. Do you think formal art training is essential to have a professional art practice and why?

I don't think it's essential, there are so many accessible ways for people to learn and access materials that all it really takes is motivation. That being said I would love to study one day and I understand the value of learning traditional practices.



Ahh yes the old motivation can make or break the best of intentions. Can you describe your favourite piece of art you have created?

To date, my favourite piece is still the self-portrait I painted for my HSC major work a few years ago. It's the biggest canvas I've worked on and includes two of my favourite subjects to paint: portraiture and flowers. It's a long rectangular canvas with a lush green background. There are three rows of flowers distinct by their colouring, pink, purple and blue and including lilies, roses, orchids and tulips. The focal point is a nude portrait with a forward-facing gaze. I also used stamps to print words and phrases onto the canvas, a technique I hadn't used before but I was really happy with the result!



Wow that sounds amazing, I hope you can show us that piece at some point. Tell us, where do you find inspiration?

I can find inspiration in so many areas. The places I've been or the feelings I've felt. I'm inspired by the media I consume and other artists' ideas. I thrive on suggestions or themes and as such would love to do commissions for people.


Do you think making, viewing or living with art is good for your health, why?

Oh for sure, any and all of these keep you thinking, analysing and asking questions. Art can be an incredible stimulus, whether or not you yourself are a creative person. Especially because it can affect both parts of us, depending on which you are more in tune with, your thinking and your feeling. Most people associate art as being one of those interests that align more with your emotions, how it makes you feel or what the artist is trying to express. But one of the great things about art is that you're allowed to question it; even if you feel like you don't 'get' a piece of art, it will provoke you to start thinking critically about it - how it's been put together and why. To live a happy and healthy life I think we have to have experiences that keep our brains active! 


Wonderfully put, thank you. Last question, how can people who are not in need of any art still support your art practice?

Most people don't feel like they need new art all the time unless they're avid collectors, but that doesn't mean that you can't support your artist friend to keep creating in other ways. 

Just going to see the exhibition even if you don't intend to buy can mean so much, acknowledging the work they've put in and taking the time to appreciate it! And as contrived as it may feel, posting about your visit can encourage others in your broader circle that it's worthwhile, and someone that your post reaches might just be in need of a new piece of art. 

Feedback is also important, let us know if there's a certain style or subject you like to see from us, or even if you have an idea for something you'd like to see us create! Inspiration is always welcome, and the finished product will be that little bit more special knowing the initial idea was formed alongside somebody in your life.

They are fantastic suggestions for alternative ways to help support local artists, thank you so much for your time Alycia we have really enjoyed your responses. We look forward to watching and supporting the growth of your art practice and having you as part of our creative family has already been insightful and a joy.


If you would like see the artwork that Alycia has in the Summer Show then CLICK HERE if you would like to find Alycia on social media you can find her RIGHT HERE


Thanks for joining us, if you know of an artist you would like us to chat with then please send me (Arts Manager Cherie) an email at [email protected]


Till next time all, stay creative, stay kind and remember to support local art.


All images in this chat were created with portraits of Alycia taken by Reimagined Images and images of Alycia's artworks used with permission and crafted into montage works also by Reimagined Images.


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